At T65 & Beyond, we believe that quality customer service is the cornerstone to building a successful business and that the best source of advertising is a satisfied client. We are very proud to say that so many people have come to us confused as to their options, concerned about costs, uncertain where to turn for the best coverage and have left knowing what we suggested was the best available.

Andrea Zawieski

andreaAndrea’s interest in the Insurance industry developed while working in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  She has over 10 years’ experience as a Pharmaceutical Representative and has seen the struggles that patients, doctors and pharmacists go through to get quality care.  These experiences led to the conclusion that individuals 65 and over are underserved in making healthcare insurance decisions and often end up making costly mistakes. Andrea has held sales and sales management positions with several Fortune 500 Companies.  These corporate positions allowed for the development of key skills that are Andrea’s strengths:  Listening, Problem Solving, Market and Trend Analysis as well as the importance of developing and maintaining long term relationships with clients.

A partnership that combines in-depth insurance experience with knowledge of prescription formularies, doctor billing and pharmacy pricing.

Clients that work with Andrea and Nancy not only benefit from their work experience they also benefit from their life experience. They have chosen to remain independent from insurance companies in order to deliver the policy that works best for the client and their solutions are always customized to meet the needs of the individual.

T65&Beyond is proud to announce the addition of two new associates to our team.